Podadera Design

Automotive brands creation


TRON. Class 12

The creation of the brand, including naming and associated corporate image, is part
of some of the Podadera Design projects, having made the naming of eleven brands
in all.

The best known brand internationally, TRON, was first used in 1988 to name an
all-terrain tricycle designed for the Lambretta brand.

Subsequently it was used again en 2007 for the urban quad Tron ARQ, being
registered in class 12 of the Nice classification, in the European Community.

Currently this brand belongs to Audi AG

Automotive brands creation


SUBSONIC. Class 12

Brand created for a new generation of electric micro-vehicles, a market segment with
exponential grow due to the progressive degradation of urban environments caused
by conventional vehicles.

They are silent micro-vehicles, with speeds in line with the severe limitations imposed
on urban circulation.

The selection of the naming has been made bearing in mind these characteristics,
SUBSONIC being the name chosen because its reading suggest the concept of
limitation, both in speed and sound. It is also very easy to remember, since it is part
of the usual vocabulary in many languages, a very valuable advantage due to the
multitude of brands that currently exist in the market.

This brand has the international registration in a total of thirty-three countries,
including USA, China, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and those of the European