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Podadera Design

Podadera Design is the brand associated with automotive projects developed by aeronautical engineer and designer Francisco Podadera and his collaborators.

Since the beginning of its activities in 1985, Podadera Design promotes innovative projects developed jointly with industrial and financial partners. Its organization is oriented towards collaborative working with professionals, companies and technology research centers.

In addition to the development of industrial projects, Podadera Design also collaborates in consortium projects of urban mobility based on electric propulsion.

Research project


Spectra. Project of the Cien 2015 call of Centre of the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)

Project promoted by the engineering company Ayesa and Technologic Institute of
Castilla y León, based on an initial project by Podadera Design. Sofitec, Antolín
Group, Fagor Electronic, Exide Technologies, Jofemar, Fae and Noxium have also

As part of Sofitec´s research line, Podadera Design has carried out the mobility study
related to the distribution in the last mile and the design of a delivery vehicle with
unibody, built with composites and carbon nanofibers. ITCL, Antolín Group, Gaiker
and Polytechnic University of Madrid participated in this line of research.

Research project


Urban-EV. European Project of the Seventh Framework Programme H2020

Urban-EV project (Super Light Architectures for Safe and Affordable Urban Electric
Vehicles) demonstrates the feasibility of key vehicle lightweighting technologies for
the manufacturing of light urban electric vehicles with new standards of mechanical
performance and occupant safety. The Urban-EV main approach is to combine
innovation-driving advances in high volume affordable manufacturing of lightweight
components with pioneering joining technologies as well as testing and simulation

Fraunhofer LBF, Cidaut, Antolín Group, Austrian Institute of Technology, Maspero,
Casple Group, PST, Thinkstep and Tübitak participated as project partners.

Podadera Design led the design work package, because the concept of the Urban-EV is based on the Casple-Podadera, a folding two-seater vehicle for urban use.

Product design


Cryotherapy cabin

Thermal cryocontrast cabin that integrates the nitrogen evaporation system in the
height-adjustable cabin, which reaches temperatures of -196 °C.

Transportation design


Electric folding car

City car developed for Casple Group, with the peculiarity that it folds when parking in
spaces below two meters because its variable wheelbase.

With seating side by side, it has a spacious interior despite its short length, 2.3 meters,
which is shortened to 1.9 meters when parked in tight spaces and where only a
motorcycle could.

Its technological development has continued with the European Urban-EV project.

Transportation design


Tron ARQ

Urban quad developed for Tron Motors with the aim of achieving safe driving on
asphalt, due to its cardan-shaft transmission and differential on the rear wheels.

This scheme is complemented by independent suspensions on both axes and
stabilizer bar on the rear, low center of gravity and low profile tires mounted on
alloy wheels. Braking is done with hydraulic discs on each wheel.

Transportation design


Wheelchair driving car

Two-seater urban vehicle homologated in the category of quadricycles without
driving license.

Initially developed with the company AYA and later with Promi, it has a version
designed to be driven in a wheelchair. Its access is made by means of a folding
tailgate and the platform of variable inclination to the ground.

This version has a double hoop steering wheel to control all the dynamics of the
vehicle exclusively by the hands, as well as the automatic anchoring to the floor of
the wheelchair while driving.

Transportation design



Inclusive vehicle developed jointly with GTI SXXI for seventeen occupants, who can
travel in conventional seats or in wheelchairs.

For this, it has a flat and easily configurable interior platform according to needs, in
addition to an innovative suspension system adjustable in three heights, with the
bottom 50 mm from the ground to facilitate wheelchair access.

Transportation design


Aníbal F100

Vehicle based on the Seat Ibiza model and developed for Anibal Auto company.

Maintaining the original platform and engine, it replaces part of the bodywork with
composite panels and reinforced with a tubular steel structure.

Transportation design


Nissan Trade

Restyling of van for Nissan Motor Ibérica, with the replacement of front panels,
headlights and bumpers, as well as interior paneling, steering wheel and seats.

Transportation design



Developed jointly with Danima Marrell for the Pegaso Trakker range and subsequently
for Iveco.

The longitudinal reinforcement of the dumper allowed to simplify its manufacture with
respect to the usual dumpers, built with several transverse reinforcements.

Transportation design


Pegaso Solo

Technological demonstrator initially developed for Pegaso and later for Iveco.

Its cab made of composites, has sliding doors, mirrors with TV micro cameras and
instrument panels with screens, as well as steering wheel with integrated controls.